Autumn Is Icumen In

So I sit here by my window and finally have to admit that summer is gone for this time. The leaves are yellow and I don’t feel bad for staying indoors anymore. That’s a sure sign.

I have three-day weekends now, meaning I work four days and then I’m free from Thursday night until Monday morning. It’s a beautiful week layout, since I don’t work enough to wear myself out totally, and then I have three days to do what the fuck I want until I have to go back to work.

That means a lot of writing, as you might have noticed. Currently I’m about a third into my Writober challenge to myself, where I have to upload at least one story every day to this page. This far I have succeeded, partly thanks to my stash of old texts that I can fall back on when I don’t have the time or inspiration to write a new one. Yesterday I put up a brand new text called The Silence of Her Voice, and today’s text is a humorous writing prompt response named Securing the Family Business.

Apart from these short stories, I’m working on my writing project in Swedish and that is going great. I don’t think I have much left to write there before I can go into the editing and cutting phase. I’m rather excited about finishing that project, since I´ve been working on it since late 2012.

I’m also writing a story together with a friend of mine, and I think it is turning out quite nice.

And last but not least, I’m doing quite a lot of academic writing as well. I’m currently trying to get a long thesis on Religious studies accepted for examination, and I’m also doing assignments for my journalism class. While working as a freelance journalist, of course.

I feel like I’m on a roll and I have lots of inspiration. I hope that feeling will hold all through this year, because I really want to pull all these things off. Now I’m going back to writing all of the things above. Have a nice day!

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Chris is a non-binary writer and journalist from Sweden, struggling with the novel that will make them an author.

4 thoughts on “Autumn Is Icumen In”

  1. A story a day? You are my hero! That’s quite ambitious and I’m pretty excited I have a lot if catching up to do as I go back through and read them.

    Are you doing the NaNoWriMo challenge? I’m giving it a shot this year. I thought writing a whole novel in one month would be hard but I think writing a different story every day would be that much harder!

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    1. Haha thank you! How wonderful to be called a hero for making up stories! 😀
      It’s really fun but also quite a challenge. I’ve managed this far but we’ll see how far it holds. And it’s only for October. Then I’ll go back to having a life. 😉

      I’m thinking about trying the NaNoWriMo challenge. I tried it a few years back and failed miserably, so that’s a little bit daunting. And I don’t have any good ideas yet. Hmm… I’m very impressed with everyone who makes it. Will you be posting your NaNo-story on your blog? 🙂
      Also: Thank you so much for commenting and following! 😀


      1. It’s my first year for NaNoWriMo so we’ll see how far I get too. I am fleshing out a story that came out of a “just for fun” monthly scifi writing contest on LinkedIn. So not only am I tackling NaNoWriMo for the first time, I’m also tackling science fiction. I may be certifiable by Nov 30….

        If I finish it I may self publish it as a free e-book. I will post about it on my blog so who knows what will come out of it!

        I think you should give it another shot. Looking at all these stories you have tons of source material to choose from.



      2. Oh, nice! And sci-fi seems to work well for you from what I’ve seen so far! I’ll keep myself updated! 🙂
        You got me inspired for NaNo now, I think I will give it another try… And just hope life or laziness doesn’t get in the way. Your comments actually had me started thinking about possible ideas for a longer text, and I suddenly remembered a project I started years ago in Swedish, but never finished. Maybe I’ll go back to that one and use the ideas from it for an English text. Thanks for motivating me! 😀


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